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Dear Brenda: I just purchased your book “Conversations with Strangers” today. I look forward to reading this facet of your writing. I’m still enjoying the second installment of your “Strange Words” In a Time Where They Belong. I’ve yet to purchase the next two installments but will as I have to see this out even though money is tight, with recent financial and health set backs will never the less get them hopefully sooner than later. .
The reason I’m writing is the fact that this series and so many other authors, television and movie shows, even a sitcom like “Last Man on Earth” have taken up on the apocalyptic genre. I find it a refreshing change and not the least disconcerting finding how difficult it was to be without television, phone and internet for a few days. Better than the plethora of zombie and other horror books that was enjoyable but became oversaturated. So many have taken different takes on what would happen if a sudden pandemic, war or interference disrupting our electric and communications grid even down to the comedic with the Last Man on Earth. Please, no offense but I found so much in common with your books and that show even though it’s comparing apples and oranges. Yours was like answering questions the television show homogenized like what happened to all the life? Anyway, again I hope no offense is taken with this comparison. Since I’ve found your books the most plausible so far, I just wondered what your impetus was in writing both such a dark yet exciting scenario? Thank you for any response as you find the time. I’ll continue to enjoy your books and give favorable reviews on Amazon. .

Wes Meyerholtz

December 11, 2016

Hello Wes
Thank you so much for your support. It is greatly appreciated.
You are suffering some trials. I hope they pass quickly. I will send positive energy. 🙂
To answer your question about the Strange Worlds series, Meg’s dystopian world seemed very real to me when I was drafting the first novel. I simply wrote about how I thought the situation would play out. I’m glad you found the story plausible. Maleny is a real place, and that’s where I’d go if placed in Meg’s situation.
The idea for the story just appeared in my head on a Saturday afternoon. I could see the whole thing in my imagination like a movie. I began taking notes but ended up tossing the notebook aside and typing passages straight into the computer. I was nearing the end of the first draft when the plot twist (ICU psychosis) presented itself to me. I was in the shower–many ideas come to me there–and I considered it the perfect ending.
Not everyone thought so. After publication, I received many letters and emails from readers who wanted to know what happened next. Some were annoyed that I hadn’t presented them with a straightforward ending. That’s how ‘In a Time Where They Belong’ was born. After that was published, I got more letters from readers who wanted to know what happened next…
Good news–my publisher plans to run further promotions in the near future. Keep an eye on Facebook. Hopefully this will include ‘Cato’s Prophecy’ and ‘Requiem for Titus’.
I hope you enjoy ‘In Conversations with Strangers’. It is a deeply personal story and quite different to my other novels. Some readers get it and some don’t.
Again, thank you. Cheers from the sidelines are what every writer needs.

Kind regards


Brenda Cheers

December 11, 2016