Brenda Cheers – Author

Brenda Cheers – Author

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January 13, 2016

The survivors of the global pandemic are living in Maleny, Australia. Meg insists that the community be a place of peace and has fostered such a respect for human life that the very thought of harming another member of the settlement is unheard of.
Melisandre’s best friend is Gareth, the sparkly-eyed grandson of Meg and William. After an encounter between the two in the forest, Melisandre begins to wonder about Gareth. She always thought he was a bit different, but are his problems worse than that? Others in the community seem to think so, but what can be done with him?
Grace arrives at the settlement with a determination to ensure a better world in the time where she belongs. This proves easier said than done. Will she be able to complete her mission, or will her plans be thwarted by people with their own agendas?
In this final installment of the Strange Worlds series, we witness a woman’s fight to save those she loves from terrible fates. If only she could find a way…
Praise for the Strange Worlds series:
‘A thrilling series from a master storyteller.’ (Amazon Customer)


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